Thursday, December 10, 2009

You Can't Read Her, You Can't Read Her, No You Can't Read Her Poker Face

Time for the impassioned defense post! Get excited!

I'll admit, when "Just Dance" first came out, I despised Stefani Germanotta, the 'singer' referring to herself as Lady Gaga. She was another talentless bimbo singing about getting drunk and blacking out at a club. Like we need another one.

But sometime between the "Poker Face" and "Paparazzi," I learned to really appreciate Lady Gaga for who she is and admire her for the incredible amount of work and creativity she puts into everything she does.

Do I like her music? It's irrelevant. (In case you're wondering, the answer is complicated: she's hit-and-miss for me. Songs like "The Fame," "Bad Romance," and "Paparazzi" are really great, and songs like "Speechless" and "Telephone" are a kick to listen to because they demonstrate her range so well, but other songs like "LoveGame" and "Just Dance" are painful to listen to.) You can love or hate Lady Gaga, but you can't help but respect how incredible the phenomenon known as Lady Gaga really is.

Below are the ____ reasons why Lady Gaga is so insanely impactful on our culture (and at times, just plain insane).

Her Live Performance Prowess Is Unmatched
Ever wonder why Lady Gaga really doesn't sound much different in live performances as on record? Gaga doesn't use Auto-Tune, and her performances are truly her life's blood. She puts everything she has out for everyone to see every time she hits the stage. Sometimes, the performances are disturbing. Always, the performances are crazy beyond belief. But you will never see a Lady Gaga performance at anything other than 200%.

She Shouldn't Be Popular
Thanks to David Cruz for inspiring this point. As an openly bisexual, sometimes crazypants artist unafraid of the surreal and unreal, Lady Gaga really should not be popular, and yet she is the most popular artist of this year (arguably; Taylor Swift's up there too). You can't not love where pop music is going if someone like Gaga can be so insanely popular.

She's Unafraid of Being a Role Model
In the wake of all this Tiger Woods madness, when we're supposed to believe that the golfer-turned-walking infidelity isn't a role model to fans, it's refreshing to hear a celebrity owning up to their status as a model for their fans. Whether a celebrity wants to be an icon or not is a decision they simply cannot make. They will always be held accountable for their actions. With someone like Lady Gaga, who the tabloids have nary a bad word to write about, it's really cool that she can be that idol.

She's Productive in a Good Way
The Fame, Lady Gaga's debut album, was a success on its own. Gaga, always topping herself, released The Fame Monster, an eight-song EP with new music, and the first single, "Bad Romance" is already tearing up the charts while "Paparazzi" and "Poker Face" stay strong. Now that's productivity.

This Outfit

It's an outfit made of Kermit the Frog dolls. That is all.

Say what you will about Lady Gaga. I already have. You may have a different opinion. But to me, in a world where celebrities so often behave so badly, a determined artist like Lady Gaga can really be an example to follow.

Just no bubble dresses, 'k?

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froggy said...

The frog dress disturbed us... oh, the horror of it all!
My ipod is full of what my kids listen to (because I miss it blaring from their room when they are gone) and the three cds Eldest Son's band produced because I miss them living in my basement.
So when a new singer gets my attention she must be doing something right?
(But the frogs... ;-)