Sunday, February 20, 2011

Oscar Predictions: One Week Out

Sorry for the quiet on the blog recently--burnout from awards talk added to a ridiculous workload this week prevented most updates. Two quick updates--first, the obvious: we're one week away from the Oscars, so final predictions are up. As always, you can find them (with all 24 categories!) by clicking on the Current Oscar Predictions tab. (Sorry for any graphical hiccups.)

I'm predicting a near-sweep for The King's Speech, though a small one--only six statuettes. I also have The Social Network and Inception picking up three Oscars, while Black Swan, Tangled, True Grit and Toy Story 3 each get one.

The second update is a very exciting one--things are gonna get a lot more awkward! Awkward is What We Aim For is now a partner of Reel Artsy, another film blog that loves to feature the awkward. You'll be able to read my Netflix Pix features on that site as well as here very soon, and we hope to get more collaborations working as soon as possible. Exciting times!

As far as next Sunday's festivities are concerned, I plan to live-blog, and I'll probably have a few more pieces up this week about specific races that I think are still contended, etc. And you can bet I'll be back on Monday morning to praise and bitch the ceremony, the winners, and the dresses.

It's kinda like Christmas week for all us Oscar watchers. Let's hope we get something good and not a big lump of coal.

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