Saturday, March 20, 2010

The Idol Runway

Two of my favorite reality shows are not doing great this season, folks, and it's breaking my heart.

Project Runway is actually having a very good season over on Lifetime, but I've had to miss three episodes in a row now, and honestly, I'm not missing them. The talent level is certainly high, and some of the contestants are even appealing characters. Even the challenges are raising the bar (though the last two were a little too vague for my tastes, one even directly stealing from a season five challenge). So why am I not interested?

Simply put, I feel as though last season poisoned the brand for me. Do I enjoy watching? Sure. But this isn't the highly entertaining, fun-to-follow show it once was. It's merely a shadow of it's former self. As a result, only one season after starting it, the Project Runway aspect of this blog is shut down. I'll still talk about the show, and I might even do some more extensive coverage for the finale, but the week-to-week stuff is dead and buried.

As far as this season is concerned, I think Jay, Seth Aaron, and Emilio are probably the safest bets for the finale. Sure, they've all had low points, but so have all the others (except Maya, who didn't even show at Fashion Week), and some of them, particularly Anthony and Jonathan, just don't seem like viable winners. And Mila... well, I'm never sure what to think of Mila.

Meanwhile, over on American Idol, the show has cleaned up its act from last year, but the talent level is way down. Crystal Bowersox and Siobhan Magnus are lighting the stage on fire every week, and if things progress similarly, they'll all be fine, but woe to the show if neither of the ladies win this season...

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