Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Beyond the Awkward: Prognosticators React

Last week, Awkward is What We Aim For hosted its first Beyond the Awkward feature with four special guest prognosticators to help predict the Oscar Best Picture race. In the wake of this morning's arguably underwhelming nominations, let's get the thoughts of our guests, Andrew Sheridan, Dani Gregorie, Brandon Cudequest and Jonathan Crossley on exactly how they feel yesterday morning went.

On the whole,  the group was disappointed with the nominations, particularly the snubs of Andrew Garfield, Mila Kunis and Christopher Nolan. But a couple of them have very disparate opinions on The Town and The Fighter.

 Jonathan Crossley
Thanks, World, for Michelle Williams, the Best Documentary nod for Exit Through The Gift Shop, Day and Night's inclusion, The Town not being nominated for Best Picture, and The King's Speech receiving the love it deserves. On the other side: Christopher Nolan snubbed. Is this the real twist ending to Inception? No Ryan Gosling. I shed a single tragic tear for my man-crush. True Grit's dominance in general. David O'Russell's Best Director nod and Jeremy Renner's Supporting Actor nod I could really do without.
Brandon Cudequest
It doesn't seem like the Academy does 'sweeps' anymore. Not, at least, in the past two or three years. The King's Speech got 12 nods, True Grit got 10... but what does that even mean anymore? Maybe it's for the best, so that we recognize an individual's achievements, not the work's. If that's the case, why give a film so many nominations? Do both those films really deserve all those nominations? I'm surprised Black Swan didn't find its way into more technical craft awards. Unstoppable of all things can randomly get nominated, but not a thought for Black Swan? I'm happy, but not exuberant.

Andrew Sheridan
Here's what I'm happy about: Best Actress nods for Nicole Kidman and Michelle Williams. The entire Cinematography category. The Fighter for Original Screenplay. Day and Night getting nominated for Animated Short. Past that, we have a snub for Ryan Gosling, Hailee Steinfeld's placement in Supporting Actress despite the fact that she's in every scene, snubs for Christopher Nolan, Andrew Garfield and Mila Kunis, Black Swan snubbed for Original Screenplay, Costume Design and Makeup, and Winter's Bone over The Town for Best Picture. Not happy.

Dani Gregorie
I could literally go on a rant for half an hour about how upset I am that Andrew Garfield got snubbed. It would mostly revolve around his flawless Miami accent, so I won't bother because you all would probably think I'm crazy. But I am VERY upset he got snubbed. I am also don't understand why Mark Ruffalo is in there and not him! WHY? And no Mila Kunis? Really? How could they snub her? She made that movie for me. Without her you can't really tell that Nina is crazy. Lastly, Hailee Steinfeld deserves Best Actress category placement--making her Supporting is total crap. 

Any comments on their comments? What snubs are we all forgetting to be angry about? As always you can check out Jonathan Crossley fiddling at Hunting Yeti (but don't worry, it's not like he was going to extinguish Rome anyway), and take your comments below!

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