Sunday, January 2, 2011

2011 Brings a New Awkward is What We Aim For

Like the new look? It's part of a new, 2011-based boost for the site that should hopefully help make the site emerge from the pack of Oscar blogs as a definitive voice. If you wanna read more about the revamp, check out the About the Site tab. As always, the new Oscar Predictions are up, with four more categories added.

In addition, you can now access the site directly! The domain is now mine--just make sure to bookmark to get to the site!

Any thoughts about those can be posted in the comments section on this post. And of course, if you guys have any thoughts on the site redesign, I'd love to hear them! Just leave them in the comments.


Robert said...

The new look is great! I can't wait to explore the site.

Kevin said...

Thanks Robert!

Anonymous said...

i really really love the various segments. it gives readers something to look forward to and helps organize the posts. oh yeah and you're fabulous.
ps. congrats again on the domain!