Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Why Haven't I Made It Work This Season?

All right, boys and girls, I've been bad, and now I've got some 'splaning to do.

The Season to Date: Project Runway is In Again

Why haven't I blogged about any of the first five episodes this season of Project Runway? Well...

...it's complicated. (Sorry. Had to go for it.)

I've been ridiculously busy with Oscar blogging this season, which has kept me from really devoting any time to PR this season. Not only that, but I've had (more or less) a drama tournament every weekend that the show has been on, cutting into analysis/blogging time. I also had Kairos, which put me a week behind for a while, and I've only just caught up.

Not only that, though, but last season was so bad that I've found myself being prejudiced against this season, and actually rather unfairly. This season has proven itself to be both fresh and interesting. I really like the designers, and I think the top six or so (in my opinion, that is) are really some of the best the show's ever seen.

In preparation for tonight's episode, I'll briefly recap my feelings on the designers and the challenges so far. Contestants are ranked in order of likelihood to win from what I've seen so far.

Mila Hermanovski
She's a bitch, yes, but damn if her clothes aren't fine! Seriously, I get real "she could be HUGE" vibes from this woman, for so many reasons. First, she's just a fashionable woman all around. She always looks as good as her product does. Second, when I see a Mila Hermanovski go down the runway, I instantly recognize that it's hers. Third, she's got nerves of steel, which will be vital for a fashion career. Finally, picture this: "Who are you wearing, Sienna Miller?" "Oh, this is Mila Hermanovski." Sounds right, doesn't it?

Jay Nicolas Sario
I personally don't like Jay that much. I don't think his dress that won should have won, and his other high-scoring outfit was far more Maya's aesthetic than his. He's not that impressive, in my opinion. Still, the judges love him, and you can't argue wiht that. And, to be fair, he would have wiped the floor with last season's motley crew.

Emilio Sosa
He's a trash talker, yes, but Mila's a bitch, Jay's a little pixie, Amy and Ben need their audio cranked up, Anthony needs his audio cranked down, Maya needs a happy pill, and all the others are just kinda boring, so we have to live with their shortcomings. Plus, he's produced some great dresses, even if he could use a better editing eye. Regardless, so far, I like him. He could go the distance.

Amy Sarabi
Amy seems super cool, young, fun, and talented. So why isn't she confident? She produced my favorite garment of the season (her burlap sack look), and a few more that I've really liked. She needs to get rid of that whole "weird things on the bust" bender she's on, because overall, her looks are top-notch. Best stuff of the season. A few more showstoppers and she'll top this list.

Maya Luz
It's Kenley 2.0! But talented and less bitchy! I kinda love what Maya's been producing this season, but for some reason, I can't really get invested in her. Not in the way I can Amy, Mila, or Emilio, anyway.

Ben Chmura
For a contestant who's so quiet, I really like ol' Ben. He's got a quiet subtlety that I really like, and the fashion industry needs more designers like him. Now, he doesn't have a chance in hell of winning this thing, but still.

Jonathan Peters
I feel like Jonathan is a "personality" that simply hasn't been allowed to show his true colors yet. Even more than that, I don't really like any of the stuff he's done so far this season. He's kind of a cliché of what a Runway contestant should be like. And like my AP English Literature teacher, I don't like clichés.

Seth Aaron Henderson
Speaking of cliché... didn't we have this guy four seasons ago? Wasn't his name Jeffrey Sebelia? Didn't I hate him the first time? ...Yep, nothing's changed. Still hate him.

Anthony Williams
I want to love Anthony. I really do. He's fun, he's a kick in the pants, and the fashion industry doesn't have enough high-profil black designers. And I am proud of him for triumphing last week and getting the cover of Marie Claire magazine as his reward. But I just don't think he has "it." And you gotta have "it" for this business.

Jesse LeNoir
A few words: Jerk. Ass. Talentless. Copycat of Logan Nietzel from last season, who was himself a copy of countless Designated Straight Males. This one's no different: no chance at winning, not very entertaining along the way.

Janeane Marie Ceccanti
...we won't even discuss this one.

The Eliminated Contestants
I don't cry for any of the eliminated contestants--I would have sent each and every one home, too. Though I am a little sad we didn't see more from Christiane King. She was from Cote D'Ivoire, so I thought she might be cool. But overall, the eliminated deserve to be so.

My Win: Emilio Sosa
My Auf: Jesus Estrada

My Win: Amy Sarabi
My Auf: Ping Wu

My Win: Maya Luz
My Auf: Ping Wu

My Win: Amy Sarabi
My Auf: Jesus Estrada

My Win: Ben Chmura
My Auf: Janeane Marie Ceccanti

I'm still not completely on-board with this season, and I'll probably be very erratic in my blogging until Oscar season is over, because that's my focus. But what do you think? Any thoughts? Take it to the comments!

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froggy said...

I loves Anthony. I'm more about personality than fashion as we live in fly over country and work with children - washable, washable, washable.
Which brings me to tonight. I only have one problem with reality tv and that is when they include children - never, ever, ever!
7, so far, is far superior to 6.