Sunday, November 1, 2009

Things I Learned at the St. Mary's Hall 2009 Varsity Drama Tournament

Double post. It's quite exciting, I know.

This is for the Varsity Drama team and everything we learned this weekend. Enjoy, guys, and add your own below!

- Curly hair is catnip to women dressed as cats

- You can only bring the rain in gangsta tights

- Model walking to a DX round helps

- Kidnappers inspire others to do DI

- “Tuts my barreh!”

- I Googled them. And SafeSearch was off.

- Even down-home boys judge DX

- The word “bitch” makes OO competitors laugh

- “If there’s a camel up a hill…”

- Cambria Suites overcharges for water ($2?!)

- 12-year olds giving approving nods are great confidence boosters

- Don’t compliment a kidnapper’s DI, lest you be the next

- Barbie’s got a new boyfriend!

- Thigh rape

- Pumpkinhead may cause hyena-esque laughter

- Iconic lines are fun to come up with (“I’m crazy, you bastard”)

- Briefcases apparently are shady

- Oh, look! There’s Precious!

- “Where’s the fracking lower school?” St. Mary’s is impossible to navigate

- Dance fail

- “There are only 26 Chik-Fil-A sandwiches left! So…yeah.”

- Tropical priest

- ‘Yahhh!’ – the by-product of a seizure

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