Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Welcome Back to the Runway!

Welcome back to the Runway, boys and girls! As you know in reality television, one season, you're in, the next season, you're out.

This season's challenge for Project Runway is to revitalize itself as the watercooler show it once was back on Bravo before it switched to Lifetime. It has failed at this challenge for the past two seasons, both becoming snoozefests despite actual talent (well, last season, at least. Season 6 was really quite bad) because of a lack of drama.

This season, they've ramped up the drama, eliminating three contestants in two episodes, handing the win to the same designer twice in a row in those first two episodes (unheard of until now), and emphasizing any and all personal conflicts.

Now that you know the challenge they face, let's meet the most intriguing contestants of the season so far.

Sarah has been declared safe in both of the past two challenges, but her design aesthetic is very edgy and appealing. She also seems to have a "don't fuck with me" attitude that I really enjoy. She's definitely one to watch, and possibly my favorite under-the-radar contestant of the season.

Christopher seems like a sweet guy, and has also flown under the radar for the past two challenges. You know what else he's done for the past two challenges? Crank out some of the best clothes there. He is like Sarah in that he can avoid the drama and not get called out and yet still create a good reputation for himself. Another one to watch closely.

Gretchen didn't deserve her win this week, but she completely deserved it last week. She is definitely channelling Leanne Marshall as another hippie chick from Portland, Oregon, but she seems a little more full of herself and a little brassier.

A.J. is also brassy, and loves his haute couture, punk rock styling a little too much, but he knows how to do bold designs, and that's a key skill in this game.

Valerie, the CLEAR winner this week to anyone not named Heidi, Nina, or Michael, definitely knows how to do consumer-friendly fashion very easily. She also knows how to do detail very well. If she can keep it up, she can definitely rival Gretchen for judge love.

Who are you impressed with so far? Is the show any better? Leave comments!

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