Monday, June 21, 2010

Emmy Voters! Listen Up!

Dear Emmy Voters,

You all are a rambunctious group of free-thinkers who love to take certain risks while still remaining remarkably safe in your nomination choices. This has been proven the past few years by repeated nominations for Mad Men but none for it's standout, Christina Hendricks, for example, or by lots of wins for 30 Rock but none for its edgiest and most hilarious performer, Tracy Morgan.

This year, I'd like to see you take some chances. I'd like to see not only some surprise nominations, but some surprise wins. I want to be on the edge of my seat at the Emmys this year.

On my wish list: first, I would like to see you recognize The Good Wife, truly the year's best new program, drama or otherwise, and perhaps the best television show on air right now. It deserves a nomination for Best Series, Drama, as well as wins for it's two powerful women, Julianna Marguiles as lead and Archie Panjabi as supporting. I have little doubt that Marguiles will prevail, but in case there is a groundswell of support for Glenn Close in the superb but likely cancelled Damages, just remember this: Close has won twice in a row for this role. She does not need another win.

Panjabi, I'm certain, will have a much more difficult road to a win. She must face Rose Byrne, Close's guest star who regularly spars on-screen with one of the greatest actresses of our time and often comes off the winner; Elisabeth Moss, Mad Men's heart and soul that should be in the lead race but downgraded to supporting and is now in the prime position to win; Hendricks from the same show after an outstanding body of work this season; and the always magnificent Lisa Edelstein of House, long a favorite of mine who was allowed her first real chance to shine this season with an episode devoted solely to her. Still, among these many great actresses, I am committed to Panjabi, an absolute enigma in leather boots.

Second, I would like to see more widespread recognition of Glee beyond the Best Series, Comedy category it is incredibly likely to win. I want to see nominations for Matthew Morrison, Lea Michele, and Chris Colfer, with a win for Jane Lynch. The show is a well-rounded effort, and it would be criminal not to recognize all the different aspects involved in the production of it.

Finally, I would like to see a win for Kathy Griffin in the Best Guest Actress, Drama category. I never saw her performance on Law and Order: SVU, but I did see how hard she worked for it on her show, My Life on the D-List, and I really want her to take home a golden statuette.

I hope you'll keep all these things in mind when voting, Emmy voters. Because I know you all read this tiny little blog in the middle of the cybersphere. Especially you, Tina Fey.


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