Sunday, November 2, 2008

The Seven Years' Election

Two years, actually. Feels like seven, though.

In two days, what might be the longest election process in history will come to an end, and either Sen. John McCain of Arizona or Sen. Barack Obama of Illinois will be the next leader of the free world. And frankly, I don't care much anymore.

Do I still have an opinion? Of course. But I'm just tired of voicing it.

During this election, politics have become the dominating force in our lives. Lunchroom conversations have shifted from discussing Homecoming Court to bipartisan politics. Nary a Social Studies class avoids the topic, and even other classes (Statistics, Newspaper) become embroiled in political brawls. Tomorrow, we'll release an entirely political edition of The Word. It's an incredibly well done issue, but I can't bear to talk politics much anymore. There have been too many fights, too many screaming matches.

For those of you who can still talk passionately about the Election, God love ya. Whenever I hear the words "Obama", "Palin", or "McCain", my stomach turns. Even SNL has become unwatchable for me. The quality is better than ever, but I just can't stand all the political turmoil.

The worst part is that most of us (myself included) will not be able to vote in this election. So all this discussion, all this bitterness, will have been for nothing. As teenagers, we can be involved in the debate, but not in the election.

So, though I never thought I would say this, I'm just tired of all this. I want a new President. After that, I want to move on with my life.

But can we move on?

Regardless of who wins, one side is going to be annoyed. Like him or not, you cannot deny that President Bush has once again ignited the flames of partisanship in our country. Will we be forced to sit through four years of bitterness? And, really, will the winner do a good job? Is Obama just too inexperienced? Will McCain die, leaving a woman none of us knew three months ago in charge? Will Biden shut the hell up?

I'm tired of all this. I don't want four more years of it.

But hey, that's politics for ya.

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Anonymous said...

I agree that I'm tired of all the bitterness involved in this election, especially from those who have no say in it, and that there are going to be some very angry people on wednesday morning, but I think that makes me more passionate about this election. Events, comments, and attitudes in the past couple of weeks have left me feeling personally attacked and hurt. I've basically lost hope in people. The things I've heard from people who can't even vote, and force their opinions upon you or attack you for your own opinion are just ridiculous. This needs to end, but I still feel passionate and somewhat excited for Tuesday night. There is a real chance for change and I hope that the results raise my hope for mankind.